Treating Autism and other Autism Spectrum Disorders with Homeopathy

Autistic Child Blowing DandelionThe therapy was developed by Dutch Homeopath DR. Tinus Smits who until his untimely death in early April 2010 had treated successfully over 300 autistic children. DR. Smits interest was sparked by his experiences with detoxifying children who all had in common the fact that the parents claimed that their child had never been well since they were vaccinated or had to take anti-biotics, he found that many behavioural problems significantly improved and even disappeared when the child was detoxified Homoeopathically , many of these children came to his practice for completely different reasons, mood swings, aggression, restlessness, attention deficit disorder (ADD) and (ADHD) to name a few.

Dr. Tinus Smits

Dr. Tinus Smits

The CEASE Therapy consists of systematic detoxification by tracking down and eliminating causative factors of illness such as: Vaccination, Medication and Environmental toxins using homeopathic preparations of the substances that caused the autism.

Autism Beyond Despair BookJolanda Rocklin has been a Homeopath for over 20 Years and one of 200 certified CEASE therapists worldwide. She has also taught in Primary and Secondary Schools and has first-hand experience of the difficulties Autistic children face on a daily basis. For more information please visit

She recommends that you to read DR. Tinus Smits book Autism beyond despair – CEASE Therapy. 2010, Emryss Publishers ISBN/EAN 978-90-76189-28-4. You can order it from or ask your local library to order it.