The Consultation

Father and SonThe first consultation will last for up to an hour and a half, I will ask you to fill in a patient questionnaire and to sign a consent form for treatment. I will then ask you questions about your health, your medical history and your families medical history. For CEASE Therapy it might take a bit longer, I usually try to send a patient questionnaire in advance so that you have time to gather the information i need in order to get a precise picture of your childs past medical history.

As well as asking for details about any physical symptoms which you need help with, I will spend time getting to know a little about you as a person. This can include anything from your sleep patterns and appetite, to the things you enjoy in life, or what makes you feel stressed.

Subsequent appointment will take about an hour but this depends largely on the complexity of the presenting condition, I do not charge by the hour but per appointment so there is less pressure on time-keeping.

Length of treatment varies according to the individual patient. However, it is unusual for a course of treatment to require more than 3 or as 4 appointments unless you have a chronic condition. These consultations will normally be spaced a month apart, Once the initial symptoms have improved it is up to the individual whether to continue with treatment or to wait until you feel further treatment may be necessary.

Homeopathy is not just about treating illness but achieving and maintaining health. I therefore encourage patients to bring their family along to benefit from this opportunity to built up their natural immunity to infection and chronic disease.

You are welcome to email me any time. I am also available for telephone advice on weekdays from 9 am to 5pm. If I am unable to take your call I will get back to you as soon as I can.

The cost involved:

Homeopathy and Flower Remedies for Adults:
First consultation £90
Subsequent consultations £75
This includes all Homeopathic remedies and/or the flower essences required

Homeopathy and Flower Remedies for Children:

First consultation £75 Subsequent consultations £60

This includes all Homeopathic remedies and/or flower essences

CEASE Therapy:
Initial consultation £120 subsequent consultations £90

If you want to proceed with the CEASE Therapy which requires a long term commitment we ask you to set up a direct debit of £90.00 a month which you may cancel at any time if you wish to stop the Therapy. This amount covers a monthly consultation, phone consultations when required and regular contact by email. The monthly direct debit also covers all Homeopathic remedies and Flower Essences but does not include supplements, vitamins and minerals etc.

I offer family packages at a discount.