What is Homeopathy?


Samuel Hahnemann

Homeopathy was developed by the great German chemist and doctor, Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843) Although the system of homeopathy he refined and developed is over 200 years old, the healing principle upon which it is based is universal and goes back thousands of years to the time of Hippocrates – the founder of modern medicine. Homeopathy could be summed up as, ‘Treat like with like.’

Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that uses very small doses of medicines call ed remedies, These “micro” doses are made not only from plants but from minerals and other substances found in nature. The Homeopath chooses the correct remedy by following a special rule of nature, called “The law of Similars” This law states “Like cures like” So the Homeopaths job is to find the most “similar” remedy to the symptoms the patient presents with.

The word “Homeopathic” comes from the Greek word “Homeos” which means “similar” and “pathos” which means “disease” Thus, homeopathy means “to treat with a remedy that produces an effect similar to the disease or suffering”

Any plant, mineral or animal substance can be used as a homeopathic remedy, the original substance is diluted in water repeatedly and then vigorously shaken with each dilution, although hard to understand these very small diluted amounts of homeopathic remedies can act very strongly when chosen and used correctly.

Can Homeopathy help me?

Medical conditions commonly seen;

Acne, allergy, ADDH. anxiety, asthma,

back pain/ sciatica, breastfeeding problems, bronchitis,

catarrh, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic rhinitis, coughs and colds, Crohn’s disease, constipation

dental problems, depression, diarrhoea, dysmenorrhea (painful periods),

ear infections, eczema, emotional problems,

fibromyalgia, fertility problems, hay fever, fungal skin infections,

gallbladder stones

headaches, haemorrhoids,  high blood pressure,

injuries ( bruises, sprains, pain relief and fast bone consolidation after bone fracture), irregular periods,  irritable bowel syndrome, Insomnia,

joint pain

kidney stones, kidney infections

menopausal symptoms ( mood swings, hot flashes, insomnia) , menstrual problems,  migraine, multiple sclerosis,


osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, ovarian cysts,

pregnancy, premenstrual syndrome, postpartum recovery, postpartum depression (baby blues)

rheumatoid arthritis,

sinusitis, stress incontinence

ulcerative colitis, upper respiratory tract infection, urinary infections, uterine fibroids,

vaginal yeast infections, vertigo, vitiligo,


This is just a quick overview on some of the problems Homeopathy can help you with, if you have any questions feel free to give me a call!


What is Inspiring Homeopathy?

Happiness from HomeopathyInspiring Homeopathy is a new technique developed by the Dutch Homeopath Dr. Tinus Smits for actively supporting self-realization and spiritual growth in clients, assisting them through the Universal experiences of simply being human – issues of incarnation/bonding, protection/boundaries, self-love, confidence/control, victimization, shame, and disconnection of the soul. It expands on, yet is different from, classical homeopathy in that It focuses on the active life process the client is currently engaged or stuck in, whereas classical homeopathy primarily focuses on the client’s presenting symptoms.

The Healing Archetypes of Inspiring Homeopathy offers the opportunity for both individual and interpersonal healing. As a complete set of medicines, the nine remedies form the basis for personal growth in a supportive group setting, facilitating direct experience of the subtle but powerful nature of the Inspiring Homeopathy system. A deep understanding of the Eight Principles of Healing that form the core of Dr. Smit’s teachings offers a compassionate gateway for expanding homeopathic healing.

The Seven Healing Archetypes include:

Incarnating fully, accepting our human form and nature, i.e being present.
Having clear, strong boundaries i.e being able to say NO.
Developing a strong identity and inner strength, i.e coping with the world around us.
Loving oneself to be able to give and receive love openly.
Rising above victimization and finding our courageous voice. i.e being able to speak up.
Mastering the polarities of everyday life to integrate the unity in opposites,  i.e not letting every little thing get to us, balance.
Maintaining wholeness of our unique self within our interconnected world, i.e being true to oneself and finding how we fit in to the world around us.