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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Autism and Homeopathy

Many families are now using homeopathy for children diagnosed with Autism, and particularly a new form of treatment known as CEASE. And from these accounts, it appears to be working for their children. Please take a look at the following websites, for the accounts of some of the parents using the technique.


The parents of Dante says “… I decided to blog … to objectively show any changes in a child that has multiple & profound autistic features.  I figure that if Dante is able to improve, the CEASE therapy should benefit quite a bit of children with autism– Dante being the most “involved” case I know of!


This mother says “my homeopath is treating around 12 to 15 ASD kids. Some of them are recovering fast she said. One of the boy did recover 70 to 80%, my son is a slow responder, I don’t know what is stopping him to recover fast. I have been reading this blog and this boy recently moved to mainstream School, it took a while to reach this point. The blog she is referring to is:


Here, Caleb’s mother says: “As of yesterday’s IEP, Caleb is back to our home school full time! He has come so far in such a short time! Per his ASD room teacher, “The gap between Caleb and the other autistic students is so wide now that it’s no longer appropriate to have him here.” Music to my ears……….. :)


Here, the parents of Lizzy talk about how they are working with CEASE, and how it is not always easy. “Everyone in the house contributes to the cause. We all share ideas and observations. We have meetings about what needs or could be done to improve the way things are going. It is not just about Lizzy, it is about all of us. People often ask me how do you do all of this stuff? I don’t.  We do! This has been a great learning experience for all of us. Yes, it can be painful and difficult. When is growth not painful or difficult. We all can relate to this, no matter what the age.

CEASE therapy works by detoxifying the body; and many of these toxins are ConMed drugs and vaccines. So this treatment not only provides a way forward in the treatment of this awful disease, and the role that homeopathy can play. But it points to the cause of the disease.

This is something that the parents of all autistic children should look into. If you want to find a homeopath who is trained in CEASE techniques, go to the following website.


Many of the parents of my CEASE patients are happy to talk about the treatment and progress of their children, if you would like to have a chat to a parent who is already using the CEASE protocol for their child feel free to give me a ring and I will put you in touch with them!